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Travel to Russia - this is not just a visit to Moscow or St. Petersburg. In Russia, there are about 200 nationalities and 21 Russian regions densely populated with non-Russian nationalities. If in Europe each such region is the state, while in Russia it is the peaceful coexistence of the republics of the Russian state. If you want to see this for yourself, welcome to the Volga region. Here several peoples live along each other that 1,000 years ago were within the Volga’ Bulgaria, and now everyone has its official language and its national symbols. Many Europeans are sometimes not even aware of the existence of some nationalities, but such an alliance actually does exist. Take a train from Moscow or a flight to Kazan, Yoshkar-Ola and Cheboksary. We will meet you and take you to the three national regional capitals: Kazan, Yoshkar-Ola and Cheboksary. Unique cities on Volga River will welcome you cordially and provide good prices on accommodations and meals. For example, you can stay at a hotel with good conditions just at 850-900 rubles (about 15EUR per day); you can have a basic meal for 100-150 rubles (1.5-3EUR), museums to see the expositions for 50-70 cents. Some things may look strange to you and have signs of lacking in service but other things may pleasantly surprise you. Our guide will take you from the arrival point to the sights and cafes and will take you to the hotel. This will ensure your comfort of stay and make you feel at home. Please, write to us at: 687700@mail.ru and we will explain the best way to get to us. We will provide you with options and costs, to help you decide and arrange the logistics.


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